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Where do the trees come from? 

Our farm fresh Christmas trees are raised organically in the mountaintaintops of Oregon state. We have kept our relationship with the grower through the years so that we get the highest quality and the first cuts. 


What time do you open/close? 

We are open daily from 10am to 10pm starting Black Friday until Christmas Eve (or until we sell out). 


What kind of trees do you have? 

This year we’re proud to be offering the traditional soft needle Douglas Fir trees, elegant Noble Fir trees and full and aromatic Nordman Fir trees. Sizes range from 5-6 feet to 8-9 feet. 


What’s the difference in tree type? 

Douglas Fir trees are the traditional tree for the season. They’re full and have a lovely conical shape that is iconic of this tree. The needles are softer and branches are smaller. They don’t prick and stay fresh all season long when watered properly and kept away from heat sources. 


Noble Fir trees stand tall with thick branches evenly spaced and strong enough to hold even the most heavy ornaments and lights. Noble Fir trees have a light aroma, but are a deep lovely green color. They’re great trees to display designer ornaments because they’ll hang and dangle freely between the strong branches. 


Nordman Fir trees have thicker branches and an iconic conical shape. These trees are much more aromatic than their Noble Fir cousins, and have a green shimmer to their needles. You’ll want this tree if you want your home to be filled with that evergreen Christmas aroma. 


How long have you been here? 

We have been serving the Phoenix community since 1986. 


How long do they last? 

A fresh tree must be kept in water. We sell stands that are perfect for standing your tree straight, keeping it watered, and durable enough to last year after year.  The tree will last until the new year if it’s kept in a base with water at all times. Check water levels on your stand every day or at least every other day and refill as needed. 


How to keep my tree fresh? 

Some recommend adding lemon juice or aspirin to their tree water to keep it fresh.  We keep the trees away from the hot sun, and we water them nightly. When the tree is in your home, make sure you have a fresh 1” cut at the bottom of the tree to remove the hardened sap that blocks the tree from drinking water. Then, put the tree in a stand and fill it with water.  We do not add anything other than water, but a can of lemon/lime soda added to the full base of water has been known to give the tree some sugar for food.

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